2020 In Review

Happy (almost) 2021! I think I speak for everyone when I say that this year did not go the way I was expecting. But everyone I know is healthy and safe and that’s all I need.

High points: Having a great crew and having many fun nights out in A season at work, meeting my boyfriend, camping in Oregon and Tucson, moving to Seattle, reading over 100 books

Low points: COVID-19 lockdown and cancelling trips, losing Grant’s dad and my great-uncle

Most popular blog posts:

My favorite blog posts:

  • Cancun and Cozumel: Over New Years, I spent two weeks in Mexico and have taken a lot of pleasure looking back on these posts since lockdown.
  • 5 reasons to take a LiveAboard trip: I loved writing this post and reminiscing on some fun LiveAboards I’ve taken.
  • Sustainability buzzword guide part I: I thought I could use my vast knowledge of the environment and make more blog posts out of it for the layperson to be more eco-conscious.

Now, for a summary of what I’ve done this year:

January: rang in the New Year in Mexico (Cancun and Cozumel), drove from Los Angeles to Seattle and stopped for an afternoon in Portland, small family get-together in Seattle, went up to Alaska to work with my best friend on my sister boat.

February: plugged away at work offloading in Dutch Harbor, in my free time going out with coworkers, playing soccer and hiking.

March: COVID lockdown starts in Alaska and I am confined to my boat, met my now boyfriend.

April: switched over boats with the same crew, got on an entirely new boat with a new crew and started offloading in Akutan, and turned 25.

May: retuned to the lower 48 after over 4 months of work, spent a few days in Seattle seeing some friends, drove home to Tucson.

June: went camping in Cannon Beach, Oregon with Grant, settled into a lockdown routine at home in Tucson.

July: more chilling at home as COVID peaked locally.

August: moved into lockdown in L.A. to help my grandma out.

September: went camping in Astoria, Oregon with Grant, went home to Tucson and L.A. before driving back up to Seattle to begin another work contract offloading in King Cove.

October: continued to work out of Dutch Harbor, King Cove and Akutan confined to my boat.

November: disembarked my boat, drove back to Tucson with Grant spending a few days in Channel Islands National Park and Joshua Tree, went camping in Patagonia Lake, Arizona.

December: celebrated Christmas with my family, moved to Seattle.

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Photo by Amy Shamblen


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  1. lifeofanearthmuffin
    December 31, 2020 / 3:27 pm

    What a great recap post! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful new year!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

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