Seattle house tour

It’s finally here for you nosey bastards: my Seattle house tour! 

Well, kind of. I share a four-bedroom house in a centrally located Seattle neighborhood (less than 20 minute bus to downtown) with my boyfriend and two other people, both young creatives. One has a Corgi-terrier mix called Spaghetti and he’s adorable and super playful. He barks at strangers in the house for a minute but other than that he’s very well-behaved. Besides the kitchen, the upstairs is more or less their territory so I’m not going to include pictures of the upstairs living room, their bathroom or bedrooms.

Anyway, here is my cozy home! 


Being in the basement, Grant and I have our own little entrance we call the Hobbit door. The shelf is from Ikea and holds our games, puzzles, booze (hopefully more to come), video games and linens. I’ve had that shelf I’m now using for shoes for as long as I can remember using it in a variety of different ways. Finally, a bulletin board with our love mementos: tickets, postcards, pictures, business cards, etc. from our adventures together!

Living room

We got the couch free off Craigslist but it’s originally from Ikea. It weights about 6,000 pounds as it’s a pull-out and there’s only just enough room for it unfolded if we move the TV. According to Grant and some guests, it’s comfortable enough but I think I might buy a new one soon. The TV shelf is from Target and holds more storage and the TV is another hand-me-down extra monitor from my grandma. Grant brought the chair (so comfy) and decor bits. Beyond the living room you can see the open doorway to the storage/laundry room, the door to Grant’s room (yes, my boyfriend and I don’t share a room), and stairs to the main level.


Going up the stairs you enter the kitchen. We have all the basics besides a dishwasher, but I don’t mind. It’s amusing to people/car-watch while washing up. One good thing about moving into a house with people already living there is we already had all the kitchen stuff we needed!


Right before the big black chair, there’s our downstairs bathroom. Not much to report other than our adorable stained glass koi fish.

My room

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: my bedroom. It’s located to the left of the Hobbit door once you come in. With the wood paneling, carpet and weird ledge, my room has a lot of character and 70’s vibes and I love it. My only complaint is that it can be a bit cold but I recently bought a space heater and it’s magnificent.

When you first come into my room and turn left, there’s a wall with my dresser and a small shelf. I got a 12″ embroidery hoop and some fun mermaid fabric to put all my pins on display! I also have my vintage Arizona Coyotes pennant flag below that. On my dresser I have some up-cycled and thrifted decor/storage.

Then in the corner is my window and reading nook. The rod about my window is actually a pipe so I had to get creative with my curtain solution: I cut a few more holes at the top of my Rise Against flag and used leftover shower curtain rings to hang it! I love my disc chair from Pottery Barn and the ottoman my parents we’re using is the perfect height. On my shelves, my books are more or less sorted by color. I hope to do a full book shelf tour one day!

Then the rest of the length of my shelves which are still being moved around: baskets with my electronic stuff, candles, shells, my camera, travel mementos, pictures, posters, my degrees, my bin that holds all my craft stuff and little knick knacks.

Also, surprise! I don’t have a closet. So whatever isn’t in my dresser hangs from my roof. I actually don’t mind it so much and think it’s kind of quirky. Although I lose out on storage, there is plenty of places to stash my stuff elsewhere. My new queen bed fit perfectly, I’m glad I went with a more minimalistic frame or else it wouldn’t have. My 42″ TV is also a hand-me-down from my parents but works like a charm. The lovely yellow velvet comforter is from Target and the gorgeous green blanket is from Urban Outfitters. The poster is from the Norton Simon Museum in Los Angeles. Since I can’t paint my wall, I have to add pops of color elsewhere!

Finally my desk (Target), dark green velvet chair and nightstand (Craiglist) complete with a gold memo board from Ikea. Can you guess what I’m watching?

I’m so happy with this place. It’s a neat space, the landlord and my roommates are nice, amazing location and most of all, I love the price: only $600 a month. Paying less in rent for a while will let me put more money towards debt and saving for travel post-lockdown.

I love house tours so I hope you enjoyed mine!



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