Goals update #13

Time for a seasonal goals update! With daylight savings, the days are lasting longer and I’m happy to actually catch a little bit of sun after work instead of driving home in darkness, it makes me feel more productive already.


Now, for things I wanted to accomplish for winter…

  • Read 6 books a month: So far I’ve been on track to read 70 books this year and currently 8 books ahead of schedule!
  • Visit two Washington State Parks: Grant and I visited one: Olallie State Park! Now that it’s warming up more hopefully we can visit more.
  • Get a job: Check! I now have a full-time job at a marine hardware store and liking it enough, but I’m looking for other more scientific jobs.
  • Explore Seattle: Yes! Every weekend we try to get out. I’ve been to the Woodland Park Zoo, Bainbridge Island, explored Capitol Hill a bit, and the Fremont Sunday street market.
  • Practice Spanish everyday for half an hour: Not quite for half an hour, but I’ve been practicing every day. Currently have a 120+ day streak, which is nothing compared to my brothers’ of several years…
  • Publish ~3 unique posts a month: I’ve been publishing about two unique (e.g. not my usual reading wrap-up, favorite posts, etc.) posts a month and hope to keep it up.

Spring goals

These look eerily similar to my winter goals…

  • Keep up with the reading challenge
  • Visit two Washington State Parks
  • Apply for other jobs
  • Explore Seattle
  • Practice Spanish every day
  • Stretch  or exercise every other day
  • Finally do something with my savings
  • Continue to budget

Next time, I’ll set some summer goals and check in on my 2021 goals!

What are some of your recent goals?

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  1. Robert W Redpath
    March 25, 2021 / 3:29 pm

    ALWAYS so great to hear from you! The pandemic has kept most of the seniors at home but restaurants, exercise classes, shopping centers have reopened. I believe the students have suffered the most with virtual learning instead of being in a classroom with friends, other students and a “live” teacher. We still plan to fly to Denver for Finley’s 8th birthday next month. Hope it doesn’t snow!!! (I’m serious).

    Enjoy Seattle and HAVE FUN!

    We Miss You.

    A. Charlene

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