October in Review

Life as we know it

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, my Bloglovin’ broke, I’ve been busy and frankly not in a blogging mood. However, now that I’m (f)unemployed, I play to play catch-up.

The month started off strong with seeing Senses Fail live for the tenth time! This was my first time going to Showbox Sodo and my god, the parking was atrocious. Absolutely the worst time finding parking I’ve ever had. Lesson learned: bus it next time. I made it just in time for Senses Fail’s set and they didn’t disappoint. Since they weren’t headlining they only played a dozen or so songs but it was great to be a pit, crowdsurf and sweat with a bunch of strangers. I can’t wait for more live shows.

Grant and I played tourist by going to the Seattle Art Museum for a Monet exhibit and had lunch at Pike’s Place. The collection was paintings from the French coast, which resembles the English chalk cliffs and got us even more excited for our trip soon. Every time I go downtown or even just catch a glimpse of the Space Needle from my street, I’m reminded how much I love living in this amazing city. Eating in the shadow of the iconic market sign was really humbling. People come from all over the world to see this and it’s a 10 minute drive my my house.

We also fawned over our city when we had a game night at our friends’ apartment. This is their view from the top floor that functions as a community space where we played games and ate pizza:

Grant and I also visited the Japanese Gardens at the Arboretum. Growing up in the desert, I’m still amazing with all the deciduous trees and fall colors. It was such a nice reminder that even though the days are getting darker, autumn is still beautiful!

I had my last day of work on the 29th. Meaning, I quit entirely. I don’t get any paid vacation time until I worked there for a year and even though I offered to work overtime leading up to an unpaid vacation, my boss would hear none of it. It’s silly they won’t give me time off in our low season, especially since they can’t find anyone else to replace me, but that’s their problem now. I live below my means so I can spend my time and money on things that aren’t work and if I can’t take the time off to do so, what’s the point? I’m nervous about what’s next but this was a good way to force a change, I didn’t want to be at that job for ages anyway. And it looks like I left right on time as we had two break-ins/robberies this last week in the middle of the night and the president wants to put bars on all the windows, making that place more of a prison than it already was.

I didn’t get up to much for Halloween. Grant and I just dressed as The Dude and Walter respectively from The Big Lebowski and played some games and had drinks at a game bar. It was a bit more low-key than I was expecting but it was still fun, I love dressing up and there’s nothing like putting a costume together from things you borrow!

We leave for the UK tomorrow for two weeks, holy shit. It doesn’t feel real, I’m over the moon to show Grant some of my favorite places on earth.

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What I’ve been listening to: Flux by Poppy, Brutalism by Idles

What I’ve been reading: Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, The Archer by Paulo Coelho, The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, They Never Learn by Layne Fargo, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler and Acid Test by Tom Shroder

What I’ve been watching: You (season 3), Squid Game, Snatch

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