Goals update #16

It’s that time of the year for my big goal review. Although I do it a few times a year, the beginning of the year is my favorite time revisit them and start with a clean slate by looking at:

  • 2021 goals revisited
  • Autumn goals revisited
  • 2022 goals
  • Winter goals

Let’s get into it!

2021 goals revisited

  • Read 70 books: Yes! I read over 80 books this year.
  • Participate in more read-a-thon and reading challenges: I participated in the PopSugar challenge and non-fiction November and on my own accord read the top five rated books on my TBR and made a strong attempt at my 21 books to read in 2021 list, so I’ll take that as a win!
  • Read more fantasy: Not really. I read some “light fantasy” like The House in the Cerulean Sea and Coraline, but nothing like I thought I would.
  • Read more classics: A few! Pride and Prejudice is the biggest one but I also discovered classics in other genres like Brighton Rock (crime), Kindred (science fiction), In Cold Blood (true crime) and It (horror)
  • Camp even more: Even with our incompatible work schedules, Grant and I still managed to camp about five times this year!
  • Take a roadtrip: Nope. We sank all our vacation time/money into the UK.
  • Visit two new U.S. states: See above.
  • Travel internationally: Yes! This was absolutely the highlight of my year visiting the UK.
  • Do something to further my career: Not really. I’ve remained friendly with the observing staff if that counts for anything.
  • Continue to be on top of my finances: Better, but there’s still room for improvement. At the beginning of last year I just popped some money into a mutual fund and out of pure fear never checked it, so I want to be more mindful of where that money is going.
  • Continue practicing Spanish: Yes for about 15 minutes everyday!
  • Blog more: Ugh, sadly no.

Autumn goals

  • Find a new job: Not yet but I’m working really hard to find one, those bills aren’t going to pay themselves (by bills I mean concert tickets)
  • Read one fantasy book: Nope.
  • Read one book over 1,000 pages: I read It!
  • Read one classic: I read The Crucible and It
  • Read all the new hardcovers I’ve bought this year: I read all but one of the hardcovers I bought myself this year, I’m pretty damn proud of myself!
  • Go to the gym three times a week: More or less bar my UK trip and time at home.
  • Practice 30XP of Spanish everyday: More or less. With some new features it allows you to rack up XP really quick, so I might do it by time.
  • Be more social: Yes! With my old coworker Max moving up here she has been nice enough to let me tag along to a lot of things. I especially love our weekly pub quizzes!
  • Visit two Washington State Parks: Didn’t do this, it’s been chilly and we’ve been so busy with work/travel

2022 goals

  • Read 70 books: This seemed pretty doable with a full-time job so I’ll stick to it.
  • Take a big trip: By this, I mean over a week long. I would very much like to go to Hawai’i, Grant’s friend lives there and my parents have a timeshare that’s wasting away
  • Travel internationally: Even if it’s just to British Columbia, I really like being immersed in a new culture.
  • Visit more of Washington: I want to check out Bellingham and more of the eastern part of the state.
  • Continue to practice Spanish: For half an hour a day ideally
  • Read a classic, science fiction and fantasy book: Notice the singular for each one
  • Read a book over 1,000 pages: I’ve done this for two years now with It and The Count of Monte Cristo, so this year I think I’ll read Don Quixote
  • Take a class: Cooking, mixology, Spanish, embroidery, GIS… anything. I miss a learning environment.
  • Stay in shape-ish: I’m mostly content with my body now and want to continue to exercise.

Winter goals

  • Get a damn job
  • Go to the gym three times a week
  • Explore even more of Seattle
  • Complete a large cross-stitch
  • Practice Spanish for half an hour everyday
  • Clean/organize my house
  • Organize blog

That should keep me quite busy!

Do you have any goals for 2022? 


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