Goals update #17

A few weeks late, but happy spring! Who else is enjoying the sun coming out again? Although fall is my favorite season, I have still missed lounging in the sun, camping and the longer days. Hopefully it will inspire me to get on my game…


  • Get a damn job: That I did! I work several part-time jobs to keep myself afloat.
  • Go to the gym three times a week: One of those jobs is actually at a gym, so I workout for free! I don’t go as often, but I go for longer.
  • Explore even more of Seattle: Yes! I went to a lot of different concerts so got to explore new venues, a Kraken game, MOHAI, Gas Works park, Chinatown, etc.
  • Complete a large cross-stitch: Yes! I completed an 8×8″ pop-art of hearts that will be hanging in my bathroom shortly. I love cross-stitching!
  • Practice Spanish for half an hour everyday: Not so much. I’ve fallen off that DuoLingo wagon but hope to get back on again soon.
  • Clean/organize my house: Not particularly, I do a deep-ish clean about once a month regardless, but I think spring time is more perfect for this kind of thing.
  • Organize blog: Nope.

Spring goals

  • Book travel for the rest of the year
  • Be outside more (bike to work, go for walks, read in the garden, etc.)
  • Go camping
  • Get back into Spanish
  • Clean/organize laundry room
  • Update/organize blog
  • Maintain a good work/life balance

Do you have any recent goals?



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