Goals update #18

It’s time for a mid-year check-in for my yearly goals and my spring goals as we move into summer!

2022 GOALS

  • Read 70 books: I have read 47 books so far this year and I am very much on track!
  • Take a big trip: I took a roadtrip to Montana recently, but Grant and I also booked a week-long trip to Hawai’i!
  • Travel internationally: We visited Vancouver for a weekend.
  • Visit more of Washington: I’ve visited Bellingham and drove to Spokane where I spent an afternoon, I hope to get to the San Juan Islands and/or the Olympic Peninsula this summer!
  • Continue to practice Spanish: Nope, I’ve fallen off recently with my crazy schedule. But with a more regular work hours, hopefully I can integrate it into my routine.
  • Read a classic, science fiction and fantasy book: I haven’t read any classics or science fiction, but I will count The Deep as fantasy.
  • Read a book over 1,000 pages: Not yet, I usually save this until the last minute (November).
  • Take a class: Not yet, maybe this fall.
  • Stay in shape-ish: For the first few months of the year I worked at a gym so I got a free membership and this summer I want to commit to riding my bike to work and doing some exercises at home.


  • Book travel for the rest of the year: Yes! I only have to book a few more flights for fall.
  • Be outside more (bike to work, go for walks, read in the garden, etc.): I will begin to ride my bike to work this week, and at my job we spend about an hour playing outside with the kids everyday!
  • Go camping: We tried, but got rained out!
  • Get back into Spanish: Nope.
  • Clean/organize laundry room: My roommate was lovely enough to take this on.
  • Update/organize blog: Nope.
  • Maintain a good work/life balance: Yes! I see my friends regularly but make sure I have a lot of time to decompress. Because of this, I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog as well, but I really like staying busy.

Summer goals

  • Continue to drink more responsibly
  • Save some money
  • Get back into Spanish
  • Bike to work most days
  • Aide with volunteer work
  • Go camping
  • Apply to jobs (my current one ends in September, yikes!)

Do you have any recent goals?

Photo by Roland Denes.


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