Goals update #19

It’s been a crazy busy summer so often Grant, my friends and family and work took priority over these goals, but I think of them more as things I would like to see without putting too much pressure on myself to do them. I’m very content with my life but feel there can be room for improvement if it doesn’t stretch me too thin.


Continue to drink more responsibly: Mere days after my post was published, I went alcohol-free (June 26, to be exact) and haven’t had a drop since. I don’t know how long this will last, but I will do it until the end of the year for sure.

Save some money: Although I made decent money at the kid’s camp this summer, all my money went towards travel. No regrets, in the words of Idles, “Always poor, never bored.”

Get back into Spanish: There was no real motivation to do so, but at my current jobs I work with several Spanish-speakers and I’d like to practice more to better communicate in their language.

Bike to work most days: At the beginning of the summer, I was able to do so. But as my days got longer and the days got hotter, the last thing I wanted to do was bike uphill back home after working with kids for ten hours.

Aide with volunteer work: Grant and I participated in a city-wide day of volunteering cleaning up trash in our neighborhood and both really enjoyed it. We got to keep some materials from the clean-up and might do more of our own vigilante cleaning at some point, we’ve just been so busy this summer.

Go camping: We tried to camp on Camano Island, but got rained out. We were able to camp in Astoria at the KOA we stated at a couple years ago for which the weather was perfect.

Apply to jobs (my current one ends in September, yikes!): This has been a whirlwind. I thought I had a job and then a week before I was meant to start, my signed offer got rescinded. With so much going on (people visiting and several trips), I didn’t bother applying until recently and now I’ve been working at a server at a restaurant and innkeeper at a small hotel and like them both!

Autumn goals

Move my body and stretch

Go for a hike or two

Apply for jobs

Practice Spanish with DuoLingo

Finish my reading challenges by reading (in order of priority/interest):

  1. Little Women
  2. Transgender History
  3. A Prayer for Owen Meany
  4. Watchmen
  5. Gotta Get Theroux This
  6. All Creatures Great and Small
  7. The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House
  8. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  9. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  10. Death on the Nile
  11. Conversations with Friends
  12. Act Your Age, Eve Brown
  13. Beloved
  14. All The Living and the Dead
  15. The Secret History
  16. Maybe in Another Life
  17. A Prayer for the Crown Shy
  18. 1984
  19. The Lies of Loch Lamora
  20. As You Wish
  21. The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue
  22. The Paper Tiger Menagerie
  23. Don Quixote 

I realize I may not get to all these books/goals, but it’s still nice to have something to strive towards!

Do you have anything you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

Photo by Nadine Redlich


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