I have now been settled in England for about two weeks and it’s been amazing. I’m convinced I live in the best city in the country.

The day after my initial arrival at London Heathrow, Joe drove me to stay with my friend, Adam, outside Worthing, a town about half an hour west of Brighton. I spent a few days relaxing there with Adam and his roommate, Clare, (both of whom I’ve become close with) and exploring the town. After my Dublin and Copenhagen trips, I returned there for one last night before heading to Brighton.

Upon my arrival in Brighton, Emily, another exchange student from Arizona State, was waiting at a hotel we’d both share that night before moving in the next morning. Together, we explored Brighton. It was a beautiful day, so we walked around the pier and went on the Brighton Wheel. I can best describe Brighton as a downsized mix between Santa Monica with its lively beach scene (well, as lively as you can get in England) and San Francisco with its liberal attitude and unique architecture.

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