Est. summer 2015.

My blog URL is a lyric from the song The Dirt Whispered by Rise Against (my favorite band).

My blog title is a reference to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

I have weird anxiety about posting personal pictures, so don’t expect too much of them.

A lot of my posts are queued, noted with an indicator at the bottom.

Image credits are given at the bottom of each post.

Blog categories

Travel: These posts are exclusive to my trips.

More Travel: These are posts about travel tips, experiences, reflections and more.

Miscellaneous: Pretty much everything else (fret not, I use this sparingly).

Personal: An extremely wide range of personal posts about my life, views, goals and more. See tags for specific navigation.

Study Abroad: Travels and personal posts from my study abroad experience including tips, life in the United Kingdom, university and more.

W.W.O.O.F.: My five-week experience living and working on an organic farm in the summer of 2015.


Travel: pretty much all travel posts including trips and tips.

Study Abroad


  • University: Arizona State University → University of Sussex → Arizona State University → University of Sussex
  • My View: I’m starting a new bit on my blog about my opinion. I will try to include some background and keep these posts under 500 words (I could write novels on some of these topics if I’m not stopped).
  • One Year Ago…: Reminiscing on my time abroad last year.
  • Goals
  • Months in Review
  • Cooking
  • Entertainment
  • Top Picks: My top five, ten… whatever of… well, whatever. Usually entertainment-related.
  • 642: I got a small book called 642 Tiny Things to Write About and although I don’t intend to do every single one of them, I thought it would be fun to do some interesting prompts.

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