Here are my top five blog posts of the month:

  1. 7 reasons 2000 Tress is the ideal first festival: A lot of my UK friends went to this lovely festival this weekend and I’m so jealous. I really don’t fuck with tents, but for this festival, I might make an exception.
  2. 10 best audiobooks: This post is so well thought out and really defends why these books are better as audiobooks than read books. I also recommend The Woman in Cabin 10 as a book that has a great narrator.
  3. 8 great day hikes in Scotland: From what I’ve seen, Scotland is gorgeous and would love to really take my time to explore more of it.
  4. 10 places in Iceland you cannot miss: I hope to make Iceland one of my next “big” trips, it looks so lovely.
  5. The most scenic hikes around the world: I really want to learn to like being outdoors more as I travel, destinations such as these would give me a reason to sleep on the cold, hard ground over a comfortable bed.

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Photo by Andrew Knechel.