This month, I was finally able to properly keep up with reading your lovely posts!

Before we dive into my favorite posts this month, I was featured by Misadventures with Andi in her series of interviewing Arizona bloggers. Check it out here.

Here are my top five posts from all categories:

  • Ultimate travel bucket list: This is an amazing, well-rounded list. I’m happy to say we share quite a few of these dreams (e.g. hike Machu Picchu, see Northern Lights) and I’ve even done quite a few of these myself (e.g. African safari, Berlin Wall, Eiffel Tower)
  • In Defense of 9-5s: People who travel full-time think it’s something every wants to do… it’s not. I didn’t get my degree only to put myself in debt, I love what I study and do want to work hard at it. Let travel be a reward!
  • Four days on an Egyptian LiveAboard: My LiveAboard trip was one of my favorite trips of all time and this post did a lot of the same dives I did despite being based out of Sharm El Sheikh. So many amazing memories.
  • How to practice self care on low energy days: This is one of my favorite mental health-related posts I’ve seen thus far. I’ve been suffering with extreme fatigue recently and my bad days have never looked worse. I often get overwhelmed with self-care posts that include things like doing the laundry, changing sheets, etc. because on days I need self-care the most are the days I can’t even get out of bed. This post is very realistic for those truly awful days.
  • Norwegian fjords adventures: A few months ago, I went to Bergen with my grandma and two aunties and the fjords tour was without a doubt my favorite part! I’d love to go back and explore some more.

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Photo by Andrew Knechel.