Happy December! I won’t be doing Blogmas, mainly because I value quality posts over the quantity of posts and although it’s a great way to get creative and a lot of bloggers do make consistently great posts, I don’t have the time for that this year.

I will, however, be doing some reflective and review posts throughout December to wrap up my year. First up: travel!

Where I’ve been since January 1, 2018: 

United Kingdom: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Lewes


South Africa: Sodwana Bay, Umkomaas, St. Lucia, Cape Town


Luxembourg: Luxembourg City

Spain: Madrid


Norway: Bergen


This year was really special in that I had both my brothers, my dad and my friend Lisa visit me and I met up with more family (my grandma and two aunties) in Bergen. I love showing Brighton off and travelling with others.

Travel stats since January 1, 2018:

  • Plane: 16,159 miles (26,005 kilometers)
  • Car or coach: 885 miles (1,424 kilometers)
  • Train: 820 miles (1,480 kilometers)

Travel stats since May 2015:

  • Plane: 58,340 miles (93,889 kilometers)
  • Car or coach: 8,660 miles (13,934 kilometers)
  • Train: 3,010 miles (4,844 kilometers)

Travel plans for 2019:

I made a little post kind of announcing this but my brother and I are doing a trip to southeast Asia in June 2019! I’ve wanted to do this trip for as long as I can remember and since I probably won’t be doing as much travelling next year, I wanted to make my one big trip count. Specifics are up in the air at the moment and we’re just building our trip bit by bit, but so far, we have Full Moon Party, a few days in Phuket and a LiveAboard trip for sure.

I also hope that Diego will visit me in the U.S., so I’ll make sure it’s a holiday to remember!

I will also try to squeeze in another adventure, probably to Baja California, Mexico because although I live an hour and a half from the border, I’ve never actually been to Mexico.

Finally, I have a page like this for all my travels here, so check it out.

Stay tuned for Year In Film, T.V. Shows, Books and maybe one or two others that come to mind.

Where have you been this year? Where are you going next year?

Photo by Ella Jardim.