Good morning and happy Monday! I’m kicking off your week with some hate to add to your feed…

Okay, not really. I hope nobody takes any of this personally, it’s just my opinion. I’ve had this in my drafts for ages now and after a Twitter poll on what I should fill this uneventful few weeks with, this post was the winner!

  1. Zoella is boring. My fellow Brightonian and famous YouTuber is adorable, but God, is she boring. She makes half-hour vlogs near daily about… what exactly? Things she has, mediocre make-up looks and clothes she buys. Yawn. Who told her she was interesting?
  2. Pugs are ugly. These poor critters are bred to have smaller and smaller snouts, leading to a hoard of respiratory problems and genetic defects caused by inbreeding. Plus, their bulging eyes scare me.
  3. I can’t fucking stand Alaska. I love Drag Race so much, but I can’t stand Alaska. And the fact that I rarely bring out the f-bomb on here as I do as much in real life hopefully portrays my disdain well. She has such a horrible attitude, the world’s most annoying voice,  can’t dance or deliver looks for shit and fails to stand out in the runway looks on most occasions. She didn’t deserve to win All Stars 2.
  4. The Grand Canyon is overrated. You drive a stupid amount of miles to snap a picture and leave. My advice: do something in the canyon (hiking, water rafting, etc.) to make the journey worth it. It’s beautiful, but take it from a local: it’s not really worth the hassle.
  5. Burgers are gross. Although I’ve been meatless for about six years now, I never cared for beef burgers.
  6. The Office (U.S.) is okay at best. I watched about five seasons and I’ll admit, it had its moments, but it’s grossly overrated. Michael Scott is a straight-up asshole, not ignorant, just a dick, and it gets old after a while.
  7. Hamilton didn’t impress me. I can appreciate the nuance of the music, but it didn’t blow me away. Perhaps I’ll appreciate more when I see it live when tickets become more readily available. Stay tuned for my review in 2025.
  8. Fjallravens are way overpriced. I see these popular backpacks everywhere, especially in Europe, but I don’t find them particularly handsome or functional, especially for the outrageous price. But to each their own.
  9. Disneyland is hell. When I went for the first time when I was 18, I understood why my parents didn’t bring me in my childhood. It was okay… until about 10AM. Then, it’s a nightmare for everyone over the age of 10. Screaming kids, lines hours long, overpriced everything… no, thank you. I like Disney and it was fun for a few hours, but I much prefer thrill rides, which Disneyland lacks.
  10. I am neutral about Harry Potter and Disney. I like them as much as the next person, possibly a bit less, so the idea of theme parks, spending money on merchandise and getting overly excited about the next thing is a bit juvenile to me. It seems to be all about money at this point.
  11. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is overrrated. Despite it’s massive praise, it’s one of the most underwhelming movies I’ve ever seen.
  12. Camping can suck a fat one. This might be a relatively popular opinion overall, but as a conservation major, I’m surrounded by people who love anything outdoors. I do, too; I could go sunrise to sunset outside without a single complaint, but I do not mess with tents or camping. I want to shit in a toilet and sleep in a warm bed and will only not do so under extreme circumstances.
  13. The cracker is better than the stuffing of an Oreo. Someone had to say it.
  14. I have absolutely zero desire to go to Las Vegas. I can get pissed and throw away money a lot closer to home.
  15. “Instagrammable” anything makes me roll my eyes. I’m not spending hundreds of pounds to travel somewhere new just for the likes. I understand the idea behind the posts, but maybe describe such places “photogenic” or here’s an even crazier idea, something like “beautiful.” God forbid you enjoy the landscape for your own pleasure first.

Photo by Nick Karvounis.