For the first time in four years, I have to commute to campus. Here are some things I don’t leave my apartment without to keep me productive between classes:

Front pouch (of my backpack):

  • Phone, headphones, keys

Middle pouch:

  • Pads, tissues, hand sanitizer, brush, hair ties, gumĀ (in case of a cosmetic emergency)
  • Wallet, portable charger, glasses, sunglasses, clicker

Large pouch:

  • iPad, iPad keyboard
  • Binder, notebook
  • Meal and reusable water bottle (which I freeze about half full overnight so my ice lasts for at least a little while and refill throughout the day on campus)
  • Pencils, calculator, book (either for coursework or for fun)

If I expect to be working, either at my one of jobs or as a mentor, I will bring an additional small canvas bag with my change of clothes and shoes.

Commuting (for lack of a better word) sucks, but as long as I’m prepared to kill some time between classes, I’m sure I’ll manage.

Photo by Lily Like.