As you’ve probably collected by now, I love music, and as some of you know, I collect CDs. These days, that’s even more rare than collecting vinyl, I guess that makes me a true hipster. I’ve been building up quite a collection over the past several years, now amounting to nearly 200 CDs. I love collecting CDs because I like having something tangible to relate the music to and I enjoy having them signed, as well.

On this special day, I’d like to share some albums that mean a lot to me.

My first CD: In Search of Solid Ground by Saosin. As far as I can remember, this was my first CD (besides, you know, High School Musical and mix CDs my dad made me) in my early teens. I hadn’t listened to it at all before I bought it, but I quickly fell in love with this album. Saosin was the first rock band I was crazy about, a “gateway band,” if you will. Listen: Changing

My most recent CD: Heaven & Earth [EP] by Arcane Roots. After seeing them live in February, I’ve really gotten into Arcane Roots and picked up their most recent release a few weeks ago. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so I have yet to listen past the first three songs, but I sure can speak very highly of the first few tracks! Listen: When Did the Taste Leave Your Mouth

Favorite albums: Life Is Not a Waiting Room by Senses Fail. I will often site this as my favorite album of all time, because I’m convinced it is. While I could list some of my favorite albums ’til kingdom come, this is the end-all be-all. I got this and the rest of their discography signed when I met them in September 2014. Listen: Garden State

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