Hostels I’ve Stayed At


  • Smart Beach Brighton, Brighton (3 nights) (★★★★): I know Brighton well, so I can give this hostel a very accurate review. The location is great, both to close traditional tourist attractions on the seafront and great bars and clubs. It is a straight shot down the road from the train station that links you to London and beyond. The rooms are a fair value and I will be staying there again for a night when I move back to the United Kingdom.


  • St. Christopher’s Inn, Newquay (3 nights) (★★★★): This hostel has one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced. Alex and I payed a fair price for a four bedroom dorm with an en-suite and more importantly, one hell of a view. You could see the water and beach from our room as well as from the dining room and bar downstairs. The restaurant has amazing food, the bar has a great atmosphere and the staff were really helpful pointing us in the right direction and offering discounts of the best things to do. You can read more about my time in Newquay here.
  • Kick Ass Hostels, Edinburgh (4 nights) (★★★★★): This is one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in! Located at the base of Edinburgh Castle, this place has amazing amenities including amazing food, a game room, a cafe and a bar and clean and up-to-date bedrooms and bathrooms. You can read more about my time in Edinburgh here.
  • Hostel Mancini, Naples (3 nights) (★★★): This hostel was in a good location close to public transit links and had an amazing breakfast buffet. The rooms had a good amount of space and the staff were very resourceful. You can read about my time in Naples here.
  • Funny Palace, Rome (3 nights) (★★★): This hostel was quite an interesting stay. First, you check in at an Internet cafe across the street, where the staff is based. The rooms are a bit underwhelming, I remember the bathroom in our three bed dorm was malfunctioning. Rather than eating breakfast at the hostel, you get vouchers to redeem at a nearby cafe and discounts at other nearby restaurants. I didn’t like that there wasn’t really a social space, but I got to know my roommates well and we ended up getting on, I talked about them both in this post. Not to mention, the hostel was extremely close to transit links. You can read about my time in Rome here.
  • Emerald Palace, Florence (2 nights) (★★★): This hostel was close to transit links and close to the Duomo, but personally, I would have opted for something closer to the river. The pictures on the site don’t reveal much, but the room I stayed in had plenty of room and a lot of character. You can read about my time in Florence here.
  • Generator, Venice (2 nights) (★★★★): As I mentioned, Generator is part of a hostel chain, with locations across Europe. I have also stayed in the Generator at Copenhagen in 2015. These are modern, well kept hostels, but they come at a price. For this particular stay, I thought this hostel was the best value. This hostel is not in the main part of Venice on the island of Guidecca, but is easily accessible by water bus. I wish the dorms had more space (the bunks were probably only two feet away from each other), but the views and being upgraded to a private room for my single night made up for it. You can read about my time in Venice here.
  • Avenue Hostel, Budapest (2 nights) (★★★★): This hostel is in an amazing location: a lovely square with plenty of transit links. The atmosphere was great and the rooms were spacious. You can read about my time in Budapest here.
  • PLUS Berlin, Berlin (2 nights) (★★★★): First and foremost, the location was amazing, on both Berlin train lines. It is walking distance from the East Side Gallery and short ride to other major attractions. The rooms are spacious and the staff were really helpful and kind. You can read about my time in Berlin here.
  • Cologne Downtown Hostel, Cologne (1 night) (★★★★): I might be slightly biased because I got a four bedroom dorm all to myself. But the location is great: walking distance from the station, transit links and shops and the rooms were pristine. You can read about my time in Cologne here.


  • Le Regent Montmartre Hostel, Paris (4 nights) (★★★): This hostel was in a good location, close to transit links, but I wish we were closer to different attractions: we have to transfer train lines too often. Other than that, the rooms and amenities were satisfactory. You can read about my time in Paris here.
  • Hostel Meyerbeer Beach, Nice (2 nights) (★★★): This hostel was fine for the most part, the rooms and common areas were a bit on the small side, though. I wish I chose a hostel closer the port or Old Town, where a lot of the character is. But, it’s hard to go wrong in any hostel that’s close to the beach. You can read about my time in Nice here.
  • Ostello Bello Grande, Milan (1 night) (★★★★): The only reason I’m not ranking this five stars is because I didn’t stay there long enough to properly comment on the location and full use of the amenities. But the rooms were immaculate, with pristine en-suites and storage lockers beneath the beds for bags and chargers by each bed and a large. I know that’s probably something silly to get excited about, but I love to have my things as close as possible to my person and safety secured while I’m out. You can read about my time in Milan here.
  • Shelter Jordan, Amsterdam (3 nights) (★★★★): My travel buddies picked this hostel and I liked it okay. It’s a no-drugs, no-alcohol Christian hostel, which we respected and kept those things out of the hostel, but felt judged when we came back from a night out. Other than that, the location was great, steps away from the Ann Frank House, and the rooms were pristine. You can read about my time in Amsterdam here.
  • Generator Hostel, Copenhagen (3 nights) (★★★★): Generator is part of a hostel chain, with locations across Europe. The location of this hostel was close to plenty of attractions and the hostel was fantastic. The rooms were updated and the common areas were spacious and had a lot of character. You can read about my time in Copenhagen here.
  • Isaacs Hostel, Dublin (4 nights) (★★★): The location is great, but the rooms and amenities are satisfactory. The value is not the best, so my skint friend and I opted for the 20-something bed dorm to save money. You can read about my time in Dublin here.
  • Heathrow Hostel, London (1 night) (★): I cannot express my disdain for this hostel enough. My plane landed quite late so I opted to take a taxi, which they claim is £12, but it turned out to be nearly £30. The rooms were small and crowded and the staff entered my room while I was changing without knocking. I didn’t need much for one night, but this hostel couldn’t even meet my expectations of virtually nothing.