This Week’s Recipes

Welcome back to a vegan version of my cooking!

Vegan blackberry basil and ricotta sandwich: This turned out pretty well! The “cheese” takes only a couple minutes to make and the sweet toppings of blackberries and syrup complement the cheese well! Such an easy lunchtime meal: I can just make a bunch of this and store it for the week to spread on a sandwich.

Vegan eggplant parmesan: Two words: A-MAZING! This is simple, quick and so, so tasty! I’ve made it twice more already and my non-vegan roommate loves it too!

Asian garlic tofu: So great and easy! I usually prefer my tofu a bit harder, this soft tofu is so succulent!

Peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies: Really great! Although at the grocery store, I couldn’t find any vegan chocolate chips, so I just went with normal ones.

Garlic mushroom quinoa: With me, you can’t go wrong with mushrooms, but this could have been more filling and a little better tasting.

Creamy asparagus pasta: I kind of messed up the sauce so it was pretty flavorless, but the simple ingredients added texture to the pasta and the asparagus complemented it well!

This Week’s Recipes

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I shared some new recipes I’ve tried. I was so busy the last term of my undergraduate degree and work over summer that I barely had time to try new recipes or was enjoying ones I already knew and liked. I’ve been trying to be more vegan-inclined, so here’s what I’ve tried:

Vegan goulash: Admittedly, not the best, but edible. However, the tofu I got wasn’t smoked (simply just baked to harden it) and I skipped out on some of the more obscure spices I didn’t have lying around.

Potato tacos: Pretty good! I don’t think I cooked the potatoes as I was meant to, but it turned out decent nonetheless!

Buddha bowl: This is similar to some previous recipes I’ve tried. Unfortunately, I didn’t have toasted sesame oil, so it came out a little off. Plus, I made way too much and ended up eating the leftovers all week so needless to say, I’m a bit turned off by it now.

Peanut butter banana overnight oats: So good! I’m obsessed with these overnight oats, I have them most mornings now. I also often follow a more generic recipe and try different fruit and (non-dairy) yogurt combinations.

Vegan mushroom alfredo: To die for! I was skeptical at first, but this turned out tasty, even though I omitted the lemon juice and used regular almond milk instead of unsweetened. This is one I will most certainly be making again soon!

This Week’s Recipes

These recipes are actually over the last few months, but since trying new recipes is few and far between for me, here’s a grand post!

Cauliflower buffalo wings: These were really good, but didn’t keep too well, I suggest trying to reduce the serving size or making them for 2-3 people.

Three ingredient cookies: The only difference I made was that I used brand name Nutella because I had it on hand, not vegan chocolate spread. This is a really easy and delicious recipe and a great way to use overripe bananas.

Winter lentil soup: This recipe was quite good, although I would have used a thicker tomato sauce so it’s less chunky with (more or less) whole tomatoes and less diluted when you add the water.

Olive and caper linguine: This was so delicious and it kept really well! Sorted out my dinner for the week. I used black olives instead of the Spanish olives described in the recipe.

Crepes: This simple recipe and easy-to-follow directions yielded awesome crepes! I ate them with Nutella and bananas and butter, cinnamon and syrup.

This Week’s Recipes

These recipes are actually over the last few months, but since trying new recipes is few and far between for me, here’s a grand post!

Grilled apple and brie sandwich: I tweaked this recipe a little bit: I excluded the bacon bits, used provolone instead of brie, added walnuts and used Italian bread. It actually turned out quite delicious! Although I made the mistake of preparing them as a lunch throughout the week and they did not keep well that way, I suggest eating them right when you make them.

Vegetable wrap: I ate this for a while (grilled zucchini, hummus, pine nuts, spinach, red peppers and red onion) until I realized I didn’t really like it. I’ll try for a solid veggie wrap recipe in the near future.

Deviled eggs: Predictably, this easy recipe worked out great.

Pappardelle with roasted winter squash: This was not as good as I hoped it would be. It was a bit on the bland side.

Skinny cauliflower mac and cheese: I altered this recipe a little bit, basically used non-fancy cheese, rather. It still turned out quite delicious.

Peanut tofu stir fry: I changed this recipe a little bit: as I don’t have a cheese grater, I served the veggies and tofu over rice. This has got to be the best peanut sauce I’ve ever made! This recipe is wonderful. It even tells you how to bake the tofu properly so it’s nice and crispy. I added broccoli, baby bok choy, carrots and green onions (although I’ll need a bigger pan if I try to do all that again). This recipe keeps well so it’s a great meal to make early in the week and reheat for an easy dinner on crazy nights.

This Week’s Recipes

These recipes are actually over the last few months, but since trying new recipes is few and far between for me, here’s a grand post!

Avocado spinach pasta: One of my favorite recipes thus far! I make it all the time, it’s so easy.

Vodka Red Bull Jello shots: These turned out so tasty, but I used about half a cup of vodka, two-thirds cup Red Bull and one pack of gelatin.

Peanut butter truffles: Although the recipe is simple (only four ingredients), I had trouble rolling the chocolate in the peanut butter (the chocolate would just melt). Still good nonetheless!

Creamy tortellini: I thought this recipe involved too many ingredients to turn out as bland as it did. However, I would like to try something similar in the near future.

Tofu and veggies in peanut sauce: This turned out a bit more bland than I would have liked, but it was still a good meal to last a few days.

This Week’s Recipes

Sorry I haven’t done any of these in a while, I like to repeat recipes that I like, but here are some more recipes I’ve tried over the last week or so:

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream pie: This was fairly simple and very delicious. Not to mention, it used a whole portion of cream cheese and cool whip, so I didn’t have to worry about having leftovers.

Stir-fried rice noodles: This was simple, but a bit bland. I’d love to try something similar but with more flavor.

Ravioli bake: A nice take on traditional ravioli and kept well for leftovers.

Strawberry lemonade: I actually made this a while ago, but forgot to include it in any previous posts. This was quite delicious, even though I didn’t have quite enough strawberries.

Raspberry peach lemonade: It was hard to get out all the fruit chunks and I had to add some sugar, but this was quite good as well.

Healthy zucchini muffins: These were quite bland, but maybe adding some butter and honey will make them more tasty. They could be an ideal complement to my cereal and smoothie breakfast.

This Week’s Recipes

Mini bagel dogs with cheese: I made six vegetarian hot dogs and it turned out to be a bit much for one person. Perhaps only make four or save the others for another time next time I make them. This recipe works just fine with vegetarian hot dogs, I just microwaved them from frozen before I put them in the oven. All in all, quite delicious.

Mushroom bolognese: I eyeballed this recipe to make for one person and it turned out quite well! However, it took a bit of time and could have gone with more tomato sauce.

Buffalo cauliflower tacos: This recipe is one of my favorites so far. It’s so simple and so delicious! I used chili hot sauce that wasn’t actually that hot and topped the tacos with cheese, avocado and blue cheese dressing.

Eggplant pizza: This was another one of my favorite recipes. It’s simple, quick preparation time (about ten minutes) and quite tasty!

Pesto pasta: I made this without the sundried tomatoes and the pesto was a little savory (maybe next time add lemon juice), but other than that, it was simple and delicious.

Layered ice cream pops: It was hard to get all the ingredients (especially the sticky ones) to make a flat layer, and I think it would have tasted better with chocolate ice cream.

This Week’s Recipes

After eating fast food with my family (on average) once a day, I decided it was time for a change. I’m not overhauling my diet or trying to make any extreme life changes, I simply want to cook more often and start good habits to take back with me to university. With that, here is what I made this week:

Peanut butter protein bites: This was really simple with only four ingredients and an optional fifth of flax seed (which I used in mine). I also doubled the recipe as the original yields a surprisingly small amount. The total prep time was less than half an hour and now, I have a healthy snack to enjoy for the rest of the week!

Blueberry freezies: This recipe is so simple, I lost the link ages ago! All you need are blueberries, blueberry Greek yogurt, toothpicks, wax paper and a tray. Put the wax paper on the tray, swirl the blueberries in the yogurt using a toothpick and set it on the tray to freeze. That’s all you need to do to have a cool snack this hot summer.

Thai spiced tofu: First of all, I replaced the peas with asparagus and it still turned out really well! However, as I’ve never made proper tofu before, I kind of messed it up, meaning, the tofu wasn’t firm enough. I don’t think I pressed it long enough or my pieces were too big. Anyway, this quick dish (about half an hour) was still delicious and will be even more so when I do it correctly next time!

Easy French bread pizza: This recipe turned out great! I did use a fourteen inch Italian roll rather than a French roll as it was shorter, but thicker. This recipe fed about two and only took half an hour (with about half that time spend in the oven). The only thing I would personally change would be to add more butter and less seasoning to the crust mix as it was a little thick. This turned out marvelously, which is a good change and a lot of things I try to cook don’t come out too well on the first try.

Spinach, apple and walnut salad: This wasn’t my favorite meal, but it was decent. I could have done without the goat cheese as it’s expensive and I prefer to use all my ingredients when I cook, especially if they expire quickly.

Black bean and cheese quesadilla: I didn’t follow the recipe too closely, I just spread the beans, cheese and salsa over the tortilla as I felt appropriate. I used the oven to cook mine and would recommend flipping it over at some point so both sides are fairly crispy. This was delicious and quick, with only about five minutes preparation time.

I have also been drinking smoothies more regularly, using a NurtiBullet, I blend crushed ice, half a banana, a few strawberries, a handful of blueberries, orange juice, vanilla yogurt and flax seed to go with breakfast!