You’ve seen Year In Books and Year In Films

Now, I will reflect on my favorite television shows I’ve seen in the last year and change and rank them relative to each other:

RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 7-9) and All Stars (★★★★★): I love Drag Race and have no problem admitting I binge watched the seasons I’ve missed and overlooked the second I returned I returned to the U.K. I can’t wait for All Stars 3!

Louis Thereoux (★★★★★): I’ve recently fallen in love with Louis Thereoux and his documentaries. I’ve been watching BBC Two specials on Netflix and I can’t get enough.

Impractical Jokers (★★★★★): I jumped around several seasons, particularly the later ones, of this show and it has me in stitches every time! A prank show where friends compete to embarrass each other and those who refuse get an even worse “punishment.”

Peep Show (★★★★★): This has come to be one of my favorite shows of all time! The pinnacle of British humor where polar opposite borderline sociopaths Mark and Jez think what we’re all thinking but are too afraid to admit.

The Inbetweeners (★★★★): At first, this show was not one of my favorites for some reason, but it grew on me after a few episodes. Another British series takes us through the painful adolescence of four teens we’re all too familiar with.

Jane the Virgin (★★★): When celibate Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated, she has to navigate life and what it means for her stranger baby daddy, boyfriend and future child. I really enjoyed the first few seasons, but the most recent seasons have been a bit of a let down.

Rick and Morty (★★★): Animated adult show where drunk grandpa Rick and worrisome Morty go on interdimensional adventures together. I used to quite enjoy this show until it went more mainstream (not to sound like a snob) and annoying fanboys ruined it for me.

Daredevil (season 2) (★★★): Now caught up with the Marvel Netflix series, I was satisfied with the most recent season, but not totally entertained.

Black Mirror (★★★★★): Another one of my new favorites! A dramatic series about alternative realities and their dark truths and unexpected twists. I can’t wait for the new season in a few days.

Shameless (★★★★): So great! Each new season brings new personal, academic and professional challenges (with no help from drunk father Frank and absent mother Monica) to the Gallagher family in the South Side of Chicago.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (★★★★★): Diego showed me this program and I love it! The slapstick humor and drama are just up my alley.

Photo by Her Campus.