For this installment of Music Monday, I’ve decided to talk about a select covers (in no particular order) made by rock (including post-hardcore, alternative, metal, pop punk… basically anything remotely resembling rock) bands I listen to.

Disclaimer: I did not consider any Punk Goes… albums. I much prefer it when bands cover songs in their own work rather than on a compilation. However, Boston Manor’s cover of “Heathens” (originally by Twenty One Pilots) from the latest Punk Goes Pop is worth checking out.

“Holy Diver” covered by Killswitch Engage (originally by Dio): Killswitch Engage was one of those bands I worshiped as a preteen. These days… not so much. But this cover is incredible nonetheless. Like a lot of these, my young, naive didn’t know this was a cover until someone told me, in this case, it was my dad. I feel this cover has more soul in the vocals and more engaging instrumentation  than the original.

“Enjoy the Silence” covered by Lacuna Coil (originally by Depeche Mode): This is another band I loved as a pre-teen but don’t actively listen to anymore. This version is not far from the original, replacing the electronic beat with a slight metal twist and female lead singer.

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” cover by Muse (originally by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons): The jukebox musical Jersey Boys was at my work a few years ago and I loved it! I have listened to the soundtrack more times than I can count and thought the movie was a good tribute to the band and musical. Nothing compares to the selected ensemble in the original, but Muse does a good rock take on it and Matt Bellamy’s voice is especially sexy in this song.

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