Back in July, I made a Year In Books post, reflecting on the books I’ve read from July 2016 to July 2017. I did something similar in September for the best of the best new music (disclaimer: not chronologically new, just new to me) I’ve listened to in my Music Monday: Favorite Albums of the Year post.

Now, I will reflect on my favorite movies, documentaries and T.V. shows (stay tuned) bolded at the end of my Month In Review posts I’ve seen this year (well, year and a half since I started my monthly posts) relative to each other:

Oldboy (Korean version) (★★★★★): This is most certainly one of my new favorite films of all time. A man imprisoned for 15 years is released and given the task to figure out the reason for his imprisonment as he exacts revenge.

Neerja (★★★★★): An amazing hidden gem on Netflix. Based on a true story about a single airline pilot who saves hundreds of lives for terrorists.

The Iron Giant (★★★★★): Why did it take me so long to watch this? An unlikely friendship between a giant robot and a young boy stands the test of fear mongering amongst locals.

Kill Bill (★★★★★): Again, what took me so long to see these films? Bride exacts revenge on every person who contributed to her attempted murder and loss of her unborn child.

The Departed (★★★★): A police officer and an Irish mob member go undercover in each other’s operations hoping not to get found out.

Imperium (★★★★): F.B.I. agent goes undercover in a white supremacist group to uncover terrorist plans.

Secret of the Wild Child (★★★★): One of my favorite documentaries of the year. A child was imprisoned for the essential early years of her live and struggles to walk, talk and otherwise make a human connection. It’s so interesting to see psychologists and social workers wrap their heads around this case for the first time and what becomes of “Genie” as they try new techniques.

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