This month was the busiest I’ve had in a while.

Work and university have been all-consuming. Even though I only work about 15 hours a week, I spend a lot of my time on the bus to my clients and I had some extra training courses this month. The other week, I had a day-long people handling course (where I learned how to use slings and hoists), C.P.R. awareness and a personal development meeting where I discussed areas I would like to improve on. All that being said, I’m officially a certified carer! I’m glad that I feel more comfortable in this role and this certification opens all sorts of possibilities for jobs after graduation as a plan B if I can’t find a placement in my field of study. Once I get back from my field course, I will be taking on two more clients.

University has been quite demanding. I have all my term deadlines about two weeks after I get back from my field course, so I’ve been fixing to get a good hunk of my work done before I leave. My assignments include:

  • Preparation for the field course (~1,200 word formative project proposal) – done
  • Two mock POSTNotes (~2,000 words each summarizing an important conservation issue in the United Kingdom) – one mostly done, just received feedback that I will out into effect either before I leave or on the plane
  • Ecology group project on how to engage young people in nature (~3,000 word report, G.I.S. map, ~600 word blog post and presentation) – I have mostly finished the map, I think that’s all I can manage before I leave
  • Final research project and presentation from the field course upon return
  • And, of course, staying on top of my dissertation

But, it’s not all bad. I had a really amazing few days last week starting off with seeing¬†Drag Race superstar BenDeLaCreme in Brighton. Although the show was sold out, I always vulture the event page the day of the show if people can’t make it at the last minute and are selling their ticket. I also saw fellow All Stars competitor Trixie Mattel last month, too. They were both so funny, beautiful and entertaining. I think Ben is stunning both in and out of drag and such an amazing talent.

Additionally, Diego and I went to VegFest in Brighton: a showcase of vegan products and food. Diego and I did a few laps around the stalls and listened to some talks while we waited for his friend Phoebe and her boyfriend to arrive. I got ice cream, red velvet cupcake, old-fashioned lemonade (harder to find in the U.K. than you’d think), a hot dog and some pins and made a donation to a forest restoration project because the representative tree-planting display was too cute to pass up. By the time they came, we had enough of the exhibits and agreed to meet them in town later for a drink. Diego and I walked around Brighton for the first time in a while and got BeFries: a small Belgian fries shop actually rated one of the top five restaurants in Brighton. Although the fries were tasty, I wouldn’t really call it a “restaurant.”


March In Review 2017

What I’m watching: Lady Bird, The Greatest Showman, Three Billboards, RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 10)

What I’m listening to: Is Survived By by Touche Amore, Anti by Rihanna, Rainbow by Kesha, Where I Go When I Am Sleeping by Casey, Eternity, In Your Arms by Creeper, Yesterday Was Forever by Kate Nash, No Cure No Saviour by Polar

What I’m reading: Memory Man by David Baldacci, The Pact by Jodi Picoult, Dead Zone by Phillip Lymbery

Photo by Heather Mount.