Being abroad, I obviously got to see if stereotypes about British people are true. I also got to hear stereotypes British people had about Americans and since I was gone so long, coming back to the United States was like being in a new place all over again and I got to experience those stereotypes for myself.

Here’s what I found:

British stereotypes (taken from a variety of sources):

  • British people also drink more than a lot of Americans thanks to pub culture. However, drinking is more of a casual occasion rather than a wild night out.
  • It’s been said that British people especially love apologizing, however, I find that Americans also apologize a lot. For example, if I brush someone’s arms on the train or a question in class is almost always preceded by, “I’m sorry, but…”
  • I find the stereotypes that the stereotypes of terrible teeth and terrible food are grossly outdated. Braces are quite common and with such a wide range of cuisine, there’s food for all tastes in the United Kingdom.
  • A big stereotype is that British people love to talk about the weather, and this is totally true, but I find, not exclusive to Brits. On that note, it’s also thought that it rains a lot in Britain, which is also true, but not as often as you’d think. Most days are cloudy, but rain only rains once a week or so and when it rains, it’s a light sprinkle.
  • Oddly enough, most British people don’t care for the royal family as much as, say, Americans. In fact, a lot of people I know despise the idea of a queen.
  • Yes, people in the United Kingdom have accents, but there is no such thing as a universal “British” accent. Great Britain is composed of Scotland, Wales and England with dozens of varying different accents. What most people consider a traditional “British” accent is very posh and typically found in the south of England.

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